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"Sam has performed at a number of Harvey Nichols events and consistently delivers. Not only is she a big talent with an equally big voice, Sam remains professional and is a pleasure to work with."
Stephanie Mensah
Press & Marketing Manager
HARVEY NICHOLS, November 2012

What to expect at An Audience with Sam Crane

Enjoy a unique evening with this soulful singer songwriter, with a new approach to live concerts.

Having sung professionally for over ten years, Sam has realised a need for a delivery that goes beyond the standard format of the artist playing a series of songs to a listening audience.

By weaving into the fabric of the evening: chat, stories and your song requests, together with her own beautifully crafted original material, she creates a warm, inclusive atmosphere where everyone can enjoy being involved!

"There aren't many musicians in Leeds who could have carried the night like Sam did that evening...pure entertainment!
We asked questions, she played from the heart, she shared stories - it was honest and frank and I personally felt like Sam shared a piece of her soul with us.
Definitely an event I would do again!
" ... Tony Green, owner of Sedgwick Avenue, Leeds

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